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Equities ETC (Educational Trading Community) is a Trading Room suitable for anyone who has a keen interest in learning more about trading the financial markets. Our focus is on swing trading as well as day trading.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned trader, our 24x7 live trading room and trading education materials will offer the complete experience to help you learn the proper way to trade. We do not promise you will become rich overnight. But you will have the opportunity to learn from seasoned traders and educators skills that will help you succeed in the long run.

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community: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

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Our Approach

 Like a skilled carpenter, one needs appropriate tools to help build a solid structure otherwise; it can be an arduous process.  Our Educational Trading Community Room can help provide those tools.  Which includes: technical analysis, fundamental analysis, risk management, and trading psychology. We believe using a solid trading process along with risk management are valuable tools needed to becoming a consistent successful trader. Furthermore, all chat rooms are highly interactive and allow you to choose an area of study that would best fit your trading and lifestyle. Whether you work full time or want to start learning to eventually leading into a career in trading.

Why Us?

Our team is comprised of people with different types of successful long term trading and teaching experience. Our members range from experienced large size traders who gladly assist the more novice members in the community. But we all have this in common--a commitment to ethics and integrity. And you can count on unbiased education and impartial live trading guidance.

Our Educational Trading Room


If you are looking for a trading room that promises that you will get rich quickly or if you main goal is to get that lambo or mansion, we are not the trading educational community room for you.

Our main focus is teaching the fundamentals, the process as well as more advance strategies that will help traders have a long successful career in trading the markets. Whether it be part time, fulltime, swing trading or day trading.


Education & Live Trading

Our Trading Educational Community Room is open 24x7 and features several different channel rooms to help you navigate your experience. Complete trading library of articles & videos will be provided, as well as live swing and day trading rooms where actual trade set ups and strategies are discussed in real time. Evening training webinars will be a regular occurrence, as will be high profile guest traders coming into the room to teach.

 We are not an alert service. They do not work well as a learning tool. So do not expect to be fed blindly live trades. But do expect to see live trades with educational explanations given as to why these were favorable set ups that the moderator, educator or member took.  With the right process, you should be able to see a trade developing.  Another great feature is the "Traders Lounge" where members can kick their feet up and chat and get to know one another away from the charts.


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Free Training Videos


What Really Goes on in the Stock Market

3-Minute Trading Coach -Dr. Brett Steenbarger

3-Minute Trading Coach -Dr. Brett Steenbarger

Learn from a former 20 year market maker, now turned successful retail trader the inner workings of how the markets are rigged against the individual retail trader. 


3-Minute Trading Coach -Dr. Brett Steenbarger

3-Minute Trading Coach -Dr. Brett Steenbarger

3-Minute Trading Coach -Dr. Brett Steenbarger


Dr. Brett Steenbarger is perhaps the leading Trading Performance Coach on Wall Street. Working with some of the biggest name Hedge Funds and Prop Trading Desks in existance today.

 Three Minute Trading Coach videos are the first how-to series in trading psychology focusing on evidence-based techniques for improving performance. 


Understanding Support & Resistance

3-Minute Trading Coach -Dr. Brett Steenbarger

Understanding Support & Resistance

In above video by experienced successful swing trader Silvia Bellrock, She will discuss how the simple use of support and resistance can maximize your trading profits and put you in a better position to succeed

Our Partners


Microefutures Trading Room

Microefutures Trading Room

Microefutures Trading Room

The Goal of our Microefutures Educational Trading Room is to teach via live market audio screensharing sessions, training videos & members chat rooms. 

By educating members a solid foundation on how the markets operates, finding proper trade locations, structure, order flow & more. Plus showing traders who may be on the opposite end of your trades - and how & where the algos trade against you. 


Beyond The Trades

Microefutures Trading Room

Microefutures Trading Room

Through standard short action-filled questions & answer interviews each week, you will get an opportunity to read the secrets for success and happiness from traders who post regularly on social media. 

You will learn what makes them tick. What trading and life inspirations they follow. What books they enjoy to read and why. Trading & life lessons and tips will be shared – and much more!


Confessions Of A Market Maker

Confessions Of A Market Maker

Confessions Of A Market Maker

 Confessions Of A Market Maker has quickly become one of the most popular trading podcast in the industry. 

Longtime former market maker vwwaptrader1 J.J. is joined by co-host AllxDayxRayx as they discussed a wide variety of educational and entertaining trading topics.  Occassionally being joined by well known trading industry guests on the weekly pod. Including Showtime Billions star Kelly Aucoin (Dollar Bill)

Trading Sim
A stock market replay platform

Trading Sim

Confessions Of A Market Maker

Confessions Of A Market Maker

Become a  Trader with TradingSim

A stock market replay platform. Practice day trading the market without losing a single penny. 

Trading can be daunting. With TradingSim you get the freedom to learn to become a consistently profitable trader without forfeiting capital or taking big risks.


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